Fiduciary Services

Trustees, Receivers, Assignees, CROs and Other Fiduciaries.

We have had the pleasure of representing several Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustees, Chapter 11 trustees, post-confirmation liquidating trustees and general assignees in assignments for the benefit of creditors (ABCs) in the Northern and Eastern Districts of California. Partner Iain A. Macdonald has served as Chapter 11 trustee himself. We also represent receivers, corporate restructuring officers (CROs), turnaround managers, temporary directors and other fiduciaries.

For our fiduciary clients, we bring to bear our extensive experience in commercial litigation and bankruptcy to identify and recover assets, including causes of action, avoidable transfers (fraudulent transfers, preferences and unperfected liens), insurance proceeds and other hidden assets. We also handle sales of distressed assets, such as real estate, loan portfolios, equipment and going concerns, often with special features like sales free and clear of liens and co-owner interests or highly structured bidding procedures. We apply project management skills to assist in and streamline the administration of estates, including employment and compensation of professionals, court approval of use of assets and other actions, compliance with local rules and guidelines and interim and final reports.