Creditor Representation

Business depends upon a worldwide web of accounts receivable and accounts payable. One of the most common challenges our clients often face is delayed or unpaid invoices, especially when products have already been delivered or services have been provided. At Macdonald Fernandez LLP, we take swift and effective action to collect on loans and unpaid bills. We work toward your actual business goals to recover upon your loan or claim; we do not buy claims or collect claims in bulk.

Our lawyers bring extensive insolvency and litigation experience to bear in every aspect of collection. We represent creditors throughout California in state court, bankruptcy court and federal district court. There are potentially many actions that can be taken to collect outstanding debt and take control over a business’s accounts receivable.

We assist creditors with a full range of matters, including:

    • Obtaining and enforcing judgments
    • Receivership
    • Foreclosure
    • Involuntary bankruptcy
    • Proofs of claim in bankruptcy
    • Defending claim objections
    • Relief from the automatic stay
    • Negotiations
    • Assignments for the benefit of creditors

Obtaining a judgment against a creditor does not mean much unless it is enforceable. We are strategic in helping our clients collect on the debts they are owed