Who We Are

We are among the best commercial litigators, business reorganizers, claim enforcers and advanced estate planners in the state of California.  We work exclusively with businesses and people in business.  We keep businesses open, we help creditors recover money, we defend assets from attack, we protect fiduciaries and we solve thorny legal problems.

What We Do

Our main areas of expertise are Reorganization and Bankruptcy, Business Formation and Administration, Advanced Estate Planning, Probate, Trust Administration and Commercial Litigation.

Where We Do It

We handle matters in both federal and state court, including appeals, throughout California and pro hac vice in Delaware and New York.  We also handle international matters that touch upon assets, parties or documents located in the United States.

How We Do It

We apply our extraordinary skill and experience to solve legal problems.  We use project-management techniques to increase both efficiency and quality.  We use secure HIPAA-certified technology to keep your confidential information safe.  We are leaders in our professional and community groups.  We are courteous, practical and insightful.

Why We Do It

It is an extraordinary privilege to help people in business solve difficult legal problems in practical, meaningful ways.  We enjoy saving jobs, protecting wealth, adding value and providing peace of mind.  We look forward to working with you.