Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

We guide California businesses through the Chapter 11 process to reorganize and improve operations, reform troubled assets, assume and assign or reject leases and contracts, undo certain transactions, recover from third parties and eliminate burdensome claims, all to maximize value and minimize liabilities. Chapter 11 bankruptcy is a good option for many businesses because the business remains in possession and control of all assets.

This means the business continues to operate with the goal of reorganizing and paying creditors – in whole or in part – through a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization. Our goal is to create a plan of reorganization that frees the business from burdensome claims while preserving and improving key relationships, operations and assets.

Experience allows us to creatively tailor Chapter 11 to the client’s actual business goals. For example, the plan of reorganization may allow the debtor to sell assets free and clear of disputed liens, assume and assign a valuable contract without consent, terminate a burdensome lease and reduce the landlord’s claim, reverse certain events (such as attachment liens and judgment liens), and otherwise adjust operations to return to profitability.

Our goal is to work for the financial success of our clients, not to achieve an abstract legal result. We empower business leaders to move forward with confidence.